May 3, 2005

It's been a while since I've posted my Windows Media Player play count top list (the one at work). As per today the Top 15 includes 10 songs by Kent (all of them from Du & Jag D�den), which indeed will be a very boring list to read.

So instead I've decided to post my Top 15 where each artist is limited to just one song! That obviously won't be the correct list, but hopefully it will be a bit more interesting?

This is the "adjusted" list (which really doesn't include any surprises, because I think I've mentioned all of them in earlier posts):

1. Interpol: Take You On a Cruise (Play count: 60)
2. Kent: 400 Slag (49)
3. New Order: Krafty (43)
4. Fans of Kate: Tape 23 (38)
4. OMD: Of All the Things We've Made (38)
6. The Dresden Dolls: The Jeep Song (33)
7. The Smiths: There is a Light That Never Goes Out (32)
8. Grandaddy: Now it's On (31)
9. Moi Caprice: To The Lighthouse (27)
10. The Arcade Fire: Rebellion (Lies) (25)
10. Coldplay: Talk (25)
12. Thirteen Senses: Into the Fire (24)
13. Wilco: Kamera (22)
14. The Stone Roses: I Wanna Be Adored (21)
14. Bright Eyes: Another Travelin' Song (21)

Just outside the list The Killers, The Lucksmiths and Prefab Sprout are lurking. I will post a new list once when we have arrived safely in June.

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