May 6, 2005

Friday evening ramblings:

The child is sound asleep and so is the wife (that pregnancy is really wearing her down). I'm therefore trying to entertain myself by listening to a truckload of MP3's on the computer and drinking a (just one) bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale.

I will add to this post if I some of the music is worth recommending.

Tegan and Sara - I've recently listened to several songs by this female duo. This is definitely a band I will check out some more. I don't know how to define their music - maybe rock with a twist of country? Currently I'm listening to My Number and Living Rooms - a couple of really great songs!

Another good one deserving a closer look is My Drug by British band Cherryfalls. The song does somehow sound like something you've heard before (many British bands do that), but it doesn't prevent this from being a really nice one.

Please Stand Up by British Sea Power seems to be mighty popular among webloggers. No wonder it's popular, because this is another great tune!

Song Bout if I Reach You by Aaron McMullan. A funny story goes along with this one. This morning I received an e-mail from Aaron (a.k.a. The Duke) suggesting that I should try listen to some of his songs. Since I'm always interested in learning about new music I picked a couple of songs of his website (his a generous guy, since there are 43 songs (I think) to choose from). So far Song Bout if I Reach You (play count has just reached 11) is my favorite song followed by Don't Give No Fuck No More.
The songs are singing and guitar only, but unfortunately the sound quality isn't always the very best. Probably because the songs have been recorded in some kind of primitive home studio (Aaron please let me know if I'm incorrect). A couple of the 6 songs I've listened to so far will likely take a while to get "used to", but the above mentioned songs richly proves that the song writing skills are present.
Consider this chapter 1 of the saga, because I will definitely return to explore the works of "The Duke".

zzzzzzzzz - time to go to bed!

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