May 6, 2005

If you have a couple of minutes, I highly recommend that you check out these really great comments on (the brilliant) Pretty In Black album by The Raveonettes:

Summer's here
Go home and bury your love tonight

and a couple of reviews (in Danish)

Politiken (Danish Newspaper)
Gaffa (Danish Magazine)
BT (Another Danish Newspaper)

and while you're at it

Jeremy's Top 100. A new entry at no. 1................The Raveonettes - Ode To L.A.

As I (nearly) promised in a previous post I was thinking of writing some comments on the album myself, but I believe that the 3 above mentioned posts pretty much sum it all up very nicely:

The feeling of summer and cold beers on the beach (not a word about beautiful women!). The wonderful vocal harmonies. The brilliant songwriting. The revival of the 60's. The immense talent of Ronnie Spector. Etc.

I don't really fell that any further comments are needed!

I just wish I would be saying this about one of my two favorite bands Kent or Doves, but so far (in my humble opinion) The Raveonettes has released the best album of 2005.

Best songs (or at least my favorite ones):
1) Love in a Trashcan
2) Red Tan
3) Ode to L.A.

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