May 25, 2005

I simply love this (makes my day every time it happens)!

I was listening to The Creek Drank the Cradle by Iron & Wine (bought it a while back) for the first time and I was a little bit disappointed, because this is supposed to be a fantastic album. Slowly I was starting to loose my interest in the music when suddenly my feet started tapping along to the music and my focus was immediately drawn towards the song playing. Seconds later I realized that this particular song must be a very special one, because it was able to catch my attention, when I wasn't really listening.

Right now Upward Over the Mountain is playing for the 12th time today! It's an absolutely wonderful song and to be honest I can't remember the last time I heard a song as beautiful as this.

So far I've played the song 26 times today and I will probably listen to it a few more times before the working day is over. Will definitely be the first song played on the stereo tonight!

*may the sunrise bring hope where it once was forgotten*

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