May 24, 2005

Moi Caprice: My Girl You Blush

This band writes the most wonderful pop songs that slowly creeps into your head and then simply refuses to leave again.

A month ago I was obsessed by To The Lighthouse and now I can't stop listening to the recent single My Girl You Blush.

I have previously described their music as "happy" and I really can't see no reason to change that. However I haven't really studied the lyrics, so there is always a risk that this is not meant to be happy at all. But when listening to the falsetto and those cheerful tunes (like I did in the car this morning) I really can't help smiling!
So I'm keeping this illusion for now :-)

When you look at the Danish Album Chart (Top 40) it's really difficult not to be embarrassed. There is so much great (Danish) music out there and still the Danes decide to buy music by old farts like Shu-Bi-Dua, Sanne, Bamse and Lars Lilholt or by pointless/stupid children's acts like Simone, Anne and B-Boys. Meanwhile talented bands like Moi Caprice, Figurines and Sensuous (just to mention a few) must work very hard to sell even a few copies. I'm seriously shaking my head in disgust.

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Vijai said...

moi Caprice's new album is a classic piece of recording. Top notch band..I can't stop listening to The Town and The City