May 12, 2005

Time flies (what a surprise), meaning that it's already time again to take a look at the artists I've recently played on the computers at home and at work.

So far I've played a total of 6271 songs by 434 artists, which is an average of more than 14 songs per artist. 118 artists have had songs played 10 times or more, while 135 artists have had songs played just once!

Since my last statistical update, which took place on 15 April, I've played a total of 1797 songs by 203 different artists. Actually I've played a whole lot more, but updates very, very slowly these days and even refuse to submit several songs I've played at home.

Top 15 artists for the period 15 April - 12 May:
1. The Raveonettes (152 plays) Pretty in Black is really great!
2. Fans of Kate (131) 5 songs played over and over again.
3. Radiohead (97) Primarily because of my day dedicated to the band.
4. The Lucksmiths (92) Thank you Scott for introducing me to this great band.
5. Carpark North (81) After all the new album is pretty good.
6. Kent (74)
7. Angie Aparo (45)
7. The Magnetic Fields (45)
9. Coldplay (41)
10. The Cure (40)
11. Bright Eyes (37) I'm starting to like Digital Ash......
11. The Bravery (37)
13. My Bloody Valentine (34)
14. The Smiths (30)
15. Thirteen Senses (26)

Looking through the list I'm really not getting any surprises, because 3 of the top 4 bands (not including Radiohead) are rapidly shooting up my (non-existing) list of favorite bands. I guess what I'm trying to say it that I'm starting to like these 3 bands a lot!

Summed up I've played songs by these 15 artists 962 times (average 64) the past 4 weeks. More specifically this means that 54% of the songs played on my computer during this period have been by one of the above mentioned artists.

Next update will be posted, when the number of tracks played is well above 7500.

My soccer team won 3-2 last night, but I didn't score a goal (though it doesn't really matter as long as we win!). However I hit the crossbar with a nice shot and few minutes later I hit the post with a header, so I can't help being a little bit disappointed that a goal eluded me. Close but no cigar I guess?
My shape is not the very best, so my legs are really hurting, but nevertheless I'm playing another game tonight! It would be very nice being 23 again!

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