May 13, 2005

Pink Floyd: On the Turning Away

I've been quite busy at work today (I hate that), so there hasn't been much time for listening to music (I hate that even more). But yesterday I had time enough for a small Pink Floyd "trip" and listened to Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here.

Both albums are excellent and I instantly became very nostalgic and started remembering the only time I've had the luck to see the band playing live. That was in Copenhagen in 1994 and the concert still ranks as the best one I've ever witnessed. The sound, the show, the music and even the weather was perfect that evening. Hopefully everyone who saw them on The Division Bell Tour will agree that it was a great experience? I also started to dream about a reunion but that thought was quickly laid to rest, because I can't see that happening. But of course we can always hope that they will run out of money someday and have no other option!

However the definitive Pink Floyd highlight yesterday was driving home right before sundown listening to On the Turning Away. I know it's a post-Roger Waters song, but nonetheless it's among my favorites by the band.

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