June 16, 2005

A friend (my "Swiss connection") sent me a copy of the song Other Side of the World by Scottish singer KT Tunstall. Strange name but definitely a very good song! Worth checking out!

To return the favor I sent him (the very beautiful) Through Loopholes with Love by Moi Caprice. He replied "the song blew me away" and he has now ordered the album You Can't Say No Forever. I guess my point is that file sharing isn't necessarily a bad thing!

In his blog Anders claims that Human by Carpark North and My Sharona by The Knack are more or less identical. I've often thought so myself, so obviously I think he has a good point there!

I'm seriously thinking of ordering the EP by Norton. I've listened to Ladybug 17 (and still counting) times so far and it's absolutely brilliant!

If you have a couple of minutes to spare I recommend that you try to listen to Sense. The flow of new and talented Danish bands seems endless! Good stuff!

Last night I scored my first goal in a football/soccer game for nearly two years. I also missed a couple of great scoring chances (if you are very strict, you could say that I missed 4), but we won 8-2 so it didn't really matter in the end! This is probably the reason why the coach won't let me play striker more often. I really should know, shouldn't I? - After all - I'm the coach!

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