June 17, 2005

It's been a couple of days since I posted anything about my new favorite band Sensuous, so here we go again!

The more I listen to the album (Wide Awake in Copenhagen) the less understandable it becomes, why it is not a big seller. It really is a very fine album and I still very much recommend that you visit the website and listen to a few (or all) of the songs.

If you only have a few minutes make sure that you (at least) listen to Stay and Down (my two favorite tracks on the album), though Sunshine Baby and Don't Go are very much worth a listen as well!

The band also has a site at Soundvenue, where you can listen to (and download) 5 of their songs (3 album and 2 non-album songs), though I believe those are demo-versions.

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spirals said...

After not paying attention to how much you love the Doves, and finally listening two days ago, i'm on my way to check out Sensuous...if i can take time away from these amazing birds....quite literaly....OMG!!!!!!!! where have i been all this time that i missed these Doves!! Thank you thank you.