June 10, 2005

I guess this blog is getting less and less interesting to read (I'm probably kidding myself believing that it has ever been interesting to anyone!?). The past week all my focus has been on the following 3 bands:


I still strongly recommend that you visit the internet home of Sensuous and listen to a couple of songs. They are definitely worth your time.

At first I didn't know what to think of Apocalypso - the new Mew single. It really took some time for me getting into it, but right now I think it's great and I'm playing it over and over again (have my own rather decent copy of the song now!).

The more I listen to the Coldplay album the less I understand all the critics, because it is a really great album. As I've written before it's not innovative in any way, but to me the band has never sounded any better. At least not throughout an entire album.

Guess it's time to move on now?

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