June 9, 2005

Tuesday I finally got a copy of the debut album (Wide Awake in Copenhagen) by the Danish band Sensuous. More than 2 months have gone since I originally ordered the album, but for various and (maybe even) odd reasons the CD hasn't been delivered to my local CD supplier.

Tired of waiting I decided to check out a couple of CD stores in Copenhagen, when I was in the big city anyway for the Mew concert, and luckily I found it.

Having to wait that long for an album could easily build up quite a few expectations which the album wouldn't stand a chance of matching. However I've previously listened to a few songs by the band (long before the release of the album you could download songs from the bands webpage) and thus knew pretty much what to expect.
But more importantly this is (in my opinion) a really good album with plenty of highlights (Sunshine Baby, Stay, Down - just to mention a few), which easily can match the expectations you might have. Sure it may not be the most original album ever (hello Suede!), but the songwriting is very good and the singing is great, so I'm more than content.
I therefore strongly recommend that you visit their webpage and check them out by listening to a couple of the songs.

As always I'm shaking my head in disbelief wondering why music like this can't sell, while pointless compilations (NOW 1,999,999) and albums by no-talented (I wanna be a pop-star) children sell thousands and thousands of copies. Why are people so critical when it comes to buying clothes, furniture, food etc., and then settle for such poor quality when it comes to buying music? Please explain it to me if you can, because I simply don't get it!

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