August 31, 2005

My Swiss connection gave me quite a surprise yesterday, when he wrote and asked if I had heard the new song by The River Detectives.
This question pretty much made me jump up and down shouting “WHAT??”, because I thought they had split up many, many years ago (the last album Elvis Has Left The Building was released in 1992). I’ve really liked this band since being introduced to them in the late 90’s and have often wondered why they never became household names, because they did write several fantastic songs (the title track of the 1989 debut Saturday Night Sunday Morning is nothing but fabulous).
Luckily they are still around writing music and on 26 September the new album King of the Ghost Train Ride will be released. So far I’ve only heard the title track, but that does sound very promising indeed. If you want to check out the band yourself
Neon Tetra Records offer short samples of 3 of songs from the album.

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Anonymous said...

Do you know any where i can buy the elvis has left the building cd. Any help would be good thanx i want to get it for my dad for christmans. Mail me at

thank u