August 30, 2005

Not many people are all that familiar with Scottish band Danny Wilson, though the band wrote, what seems to be one of everybody’s favorite songs of the 80’s; Mary’s Prayer (yes – the one from the not-at-all funny There’s Something About Mary).
This, their biggest hit, is obviously included on the 1991 2 disc compilation Sweet Danny Wilson, but unlike what most people might think or expect, Mary wasn’t the only great song they wrote. The wonderful The Second Summer Of Love (it’s the one with the handclaps – maybe you’ve heard it?) was probably the closest they ever got to matching the success of Mary, but songs like Never Gonna Be The Same or I Can't Wait are equally great.
So this compilation (if it’s still available) is well worth a look and it doesn’t exactly hurt that the brilliant live cover version of Knowing Me Knowing You is included as well.

This was the final album by Danny Wilson, but in 1993 lead singer Gary Clark released a pretty good solo album called Ten Short Songs About Love and in 1995 his new band King L released the album Great Day For Gravity, which featured the brilliant single First Man On The Sun. Information on what happened afterwards can be found here.

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