September 12, 2005

Albums getting my attention today:

Mew: A Triumph For Man
It really is frustrating that this album no longer is available, because I'd really love to have my own copy (burning a copy doesn't really appeal to me). It's a very good album and it is no surprise that this and the follow-up Half The World Is Watching Me caught the attention of the larger record labels.
Standout tracks: Wherever, Snowflake and Web.
After listening to the album a few more times I rank this as the weakest of their 3 releases. I still think that it is a good album, but the songs are not as good as on the two other albums. The right way to listen to this album is probably as a whole, so therefore listening to it could be a nice preparation for the forthcoming album?

The Field Mice: Snowball + Singles
The first of the 3 albums I've recently bought by (what you might be tempted to call) my new favorite band. Obviously I'm very eager to listen to all 3 of them to learn if the band really is as fantastic as the few songs I've heard so far indicate!
Standout tracks: Emma's House, Sensitive and Letting Go.

Dial Zero: Dial Zero
Danish band Dial Zero released this album (their debut) in April this year. I borrowed it from the library to hear for myself if they are as good as some reviewers indicate. I guess you won't offend anyone by saying that you've heard this music lots of time before, but maaaan it sure rocks!
Standout tracks: Hey Skipper, Heartbeat TV and Teenager.

Lake Placid: Make More Friends
Another Danish Band, another debut album and another one borrowed from the library. Hmmmm. First listen and sad to say that this does absolutely nothing for me. More listens definitely required!

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