September 13, 2005

Honestly I don’t think that I’ve seriously been listening to music sung in German since Nena was popular in the mid-80’s (and that wasn’t really that serious after all).
However this has recently changed, because I’ve received quite a few songs in German and one song in particular stands out. That’s Echolot by Wir Sind Helden which is an absolutely brilliant song. According to my “source” the band is pretty big in their native country, but since I don’t know any other song by Wir Sind Helden I cannot tell if the band really is any good (or if that song is a "lucky punch"). But it could be very interesting to learn if the rest of Von hier an Blind is as great as Echolot or if the only other amazing thing about the album is the cover (kind of inspired by Tintin - isn't it?).
I've just heard another song by the band - Nur Ein Wort - really great too. I'm seriously thinking of ordering the album - can't be true, can it? ;-)


Wayne said...

Hey! Great idea for a Blog. Now I have to go check all these bands out! Damn you! LOL! Thanks.

Wayne said...

Oh...let me know if you'd like to link to each other's blog. Cheers,

Wayne said...

Done! Thanks for letting my know about the word verification, and you are also linked.

C ya, Wayne