September 28, 2005

For my benefit Nick (of I Have Lost My Twiglets) has listed his 5 favorite albums and additionally recommended an album by Pulp.

Luckily I have digital versions of all the albums (except for The Who one) on my computer at work, so the flavors of today are the following albums:

The Beatles: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
This year I’ve probably listened to The Beatles more than I’ve ever done before. But somehow they still haven’t been able to convince me of their greatness. Indeed there are moments of pure brilliance on this (as well as on other) album, but unfortunately there are a few songs (She's Leaving Home and Good Morning Good Morning) that you quickly want to skip, so you can move on to the next song instead.
My personal highlights of the album are Within You Without You (only song by GH and by far the most experimental and thus the most interesting) and the much loathed When I’m Sixty-Four (excellent as a bedtime song for my daughter).

So far - 3 comments in favor of the album. Guess I'm the loner here ;-)

Pulp: Different Class
Another one of those albums I bought at the time of its release. I listened to the singles (Common People and Disco 2000) a few times and then shelved it. Since I like the album now that I've finally listened to it, I think my ignoring of the album back then was rather lame and instead I should have spent a little more time listening to it. Never too late to make things right – I hope?

Pink Floyd: The Final Cut
One of these days I have to sit down with my headphones on and listen to this album. I expect that listening to the album that way will allow me to fully enjoying it! But even with all the noise surrounding me here in the office, it's still very easy to hear that this is a really great album...

The Clash: London Calling
I can see that I ripped this album onto my computer 7 months ago. Play count reveals that I’ve only listened to the album once in those 7 months. I wonder why, because this album is absolutely brilliant. Shame on me!

The Beatles: Abbey Road
This is definitely my favorite of those two albums by The Beatles. Nick – your comment beat me to it. Because I was going to ask, why is it that the album (and the band in general) suddenly becomes so much more interesting as soon as a song is NOT written by Lennon/McCartney?

I guess I should be in for an interesting day? Ended up being quite interesting indeed :-)


Parklife said...

"Sgt. Pepper" is among my favourite 30 albums ever too. :-)

Chris said...

it's even in my top 10!!! ;)

ihavelostmytwiglets said...

I agree that Good Morning Good Morning is a weaker track. That album is great in my eyes because of A Day in the Life and Lovely Rita. Within you Without you is fantastic, GH was the true brains!