September 15, 2005

Menu of the Day:

I hate being so busy at work that I have to put the music on pause every five minutes (but after all these guys do pay me a fairly nice salary, so it would probably be unwise to complain?). So you could be tempted to say that I'm on a musical "diet" today :-(

Slowdive: Catch the Breeze
This 25 track compilation (borrowed from the library) more than once stole my focus from driving the car this morning and made me check the cover to see if I hadn't misread something, because it simply had to be saying My Bloody Valentine. The influence/inspiration is crystal clear, though I think that Slowdive is a little less noisy than MBV. But I'm positively surprised that they are equally great!
Standout tracks: When The Sun Hits, Shine and Spanish Air.

My Bloody Valentine: Loveless
If you say A, you have to say B, so My Bloody Valentine had to be the next in line. In the beginning this album was nothing but noise to me, but my persistence and patience paid off and today I really love it!
Standout tracks: stay tuned.........


Parklife said...

You are right - Slowdive are absolutely brilliant. I even rate them much higher that MBV. "When the sun hits" and "Spanish air" are amongst my favourite songs ever!


Michael said...

I work on computers all day and if I can, I try to connect to their computer without leaving my office, just so I don't have to pause my music...