September 14, 2005

Every post these days seems to somehow involve Mew and this one is no different. In the September edition of the Danish music magazine Gaffa there is an article about the band in which the bassist Johan Wohlert states that The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway by Genesis is his favorite album.
I’ve owned a copy of the album since 1997 (bought it because the wonderful The Carpet Crawlers was featured in the stupid Danish movie Det Store Flip), but cannot remember ever listening to it fully.
Influenced by the Mew article I decided that it was about time to change this, so currently I’m listening to it for the second time today. It’s no secret that Prog-Rock and concept albums are not my favorite cup of tea, but so far it has been a very pleasant surprise. No doubt there are moments where I’m completely lost and confused, but overall I like the music, the voice of Peter Gabriel, the instrumentation, the atmosphere etc.
However one important question remains – how did Phil Collins transform himself from being a member of this experimenting and innovating band into the useless ballad singing monster he is now?

Chris – no "funny" comments like “I told you so” – ok? Thank you ;-)


Chris said...

[insert innocent whistle here]


Plop said...

There's a badn called Mew? Where have I been?!

Gotta love Bloc Party

Michael said...

I have always enjoyed Peter Gabriel... But I haven't REALY much of Phill Collin's stuff...