September 23, 2005

Rambling along..……......

Nice haircut? I've had the same one for ages - should I change it?

I’ve just ordered a truck load of CD’s from the library. Among them are albums by Lush, Spoon, Devendra Banhart and The Mars Volta.

If you’re into Indie pop/rock I very much recommend that you visit Coast Is Clear regularly. Always something nice to download there! I especially suggest that you download and listen to the brilliant The High Dials.

I’m seriously thinking of replacing Doves with Mew as the second best band in the world. Kent is still superior!

I still haven't listened to the new David Gray album. About time I guess?

Carpark North is playing in my hometown next Friday. Should I go to the concert?

I've started another blog in Danish called "Livet Er For Kort Til Kedelig Musik" (Life's Too Short For Boring Music)! Check it out!

If our second child is a boy, we are seriously considering naming him Jonas (Chris suggested that we should name him after Jonas Bjerre - not a bad idea). Cannot think of a name for a girl though! Any suggestions?

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Michael said...

I have the "Spooky" CD from lush. Love the whole CD