September 22, 2005

Normally I’m a bit reluctant towards writing anything about bands singing in Danish, but now it’s (more than ever) time for an exception. One of the most downloaded bands at is ENTAKT and yesterday I thought it was about time to hear for myself if they really ARE that good!

Generously they have posted 9 songs there, which all can be downloaded for free. The songs are classified as pop, indie, acustic, rock and soft rock and probably all descriptions suit their music quite well.
But if you have to settle for some sort of description I think laid-back, intelligent indie-pop is probably the most accurate, though obviously some might disagree!

The more you listen to this the more difficult it is to understand that these songs can be yours for free, because everything (music, lyrics, production, instrumentation etc.) blends so nicely and so beautiful that this really should be a major release!

The fact that they are singing in Danish might shy lots of foreigners away from checking them out (and it doesn't really hurt understanding these clever lyrics), which is quite a shame, because once you get used to the music and the singing of singer/songwriter(?) Jonas Villumsen, you realize that these guys are really, really great and very talented indeed!

A diamond in the rough! (the 9 songs can be found here)

If 9 songs are far too many for you, be sure that the one song you pick is Vi Ville Synge Verden En Opsang.....

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