September 30, 2005

Two weeks after buying the album I’ve finally bothered to listen to Life In Slow Motion by David Gray. I’ve previously mentioned that when your expectations to an album are high, they could easily end up influencing your judgment of it in a negative way. In this case exactly the opposite seems to be happening. My expectations weren’t all that big (or hardly any at all), because I wasn’t overly impressed with his previous offering. And the past few years my music taste has probably gone in a different direction.

Why did I buy the album then? Don’t know – plain and simple.

Anyway I have now listened to the album and so far it has been a surprisingly pleasant experience. Several nice (though once in a while a little too straightforward) pop songs and a few ones like the first single The One I Love and Hospital Food (odd title!) are immediate ear catchers. And of course it doesn’t hurt that has a brilliant voice!
Summed up I’ll rate this as a fairly decent album, which definitely is a whole lot better than A New Day At Midnight.

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