September 21, 2005

A while back I received an email from a member of the band Tone Rodent, who suggested that I should listen to their music.

In the press kit they list bands like Jesus and Mary Chain, Spritualized, The Velvet Underground and My Bloody Valentine among their inspirational sources, which of course made me a bit curious.

So today I finally found the time to check them out and though you hardly can define their music as groundbreaking (never seem to be able to get rid of that innovation bug) it’s still surprisingly good (and fresh). New bands of tend to (unrealistically) compare themselves to lots of other far more well-known bands, but what I find especially interesting (or maybe even cool) about Tone Rodent is that they actually sound like a genuine mix of the above mentioned bands.

A review a couple of years back in Riverfront Times described the band and their music this way:

Too melodic and rhythmic to be called noise and too comfortably abstract to be called ... well ... Normal.

I seriously cannot think of a more accurate description!

Tone Rodent (
Tone Rodent (Offical homepage)
Turn On The Light (MP3)
Sugar Glider (MP3)
Dark Discovery (MP3)

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