October 3, 2005


Cannot say that I'm very surprised (sadly things don't stop being a joke overnight), but cannot help being just a little bit disappointed. Leisure Alaska didn't make it onto Tjeklisten, which I believe more than ever justifies my ranting towards the music taste of Danes in general. However I'm quite happy to see that Crazy Frog didn't make it either!!!!!

Some very good candidates again this week, so I've voted for the following 5 songs:

VetoYou’re a knife
Spleen United
In peek fitness condition
DiefenbachGlorious (apparently they were close to making the list and have been given a second chance!)
MewThe Zookeeper’s Boy

Grand AvenueOn Your side

No point in voting for Depeche Mode. They'll get plenty of votes without my help and the song obviously will (and should, because it's brilliant) make the list! I should have voted for Figurines as well, but somehow forgot! Shame on those who vote for Robbie Williams and Sugarbabes, though both songs will definitely be high entries!

This Friday I convinced two of my friends that they should borrow the Spleen United album from me. After listening to just a few songs they both went straight to the CD store and bought the album! Now I'm waiting for the band to send me my bonus ;-)

In the October edition of Euroman there is a short review of the Spleen United album. They call it one of the best debut albums by a Danish act this year and hands out 5 (out of 6) stars.
Equally interesting is the review of the forthcoming Kashmir album, which also receives 5 stars. The album is released next week (10 October) and according to the magazine it should be worth looking forward to! I forgot to add that there is another review of the album in the new edition of Gaffa. They rate is 5 stars out of 6 as well!

Mew entered the Danish album chart last week as no. 2. Unfortunately And The Glass Handed Kites didn't make the UK Top 75 album chart this week!

I've decided to let my "do-you-read-this-blog"-test run for a few more days. I honestly doubt that we will see further entries than the 8 so far!

I've also decided to abandon my monthly Top 15's, because last.fm works really fine now and more or less provides the same information.

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