October 20, 2005

There seems to be no news available on the release date of the third album from JJ72. While you are waiting go check out this new song Heat. And if you don't know it already listen to She's Gone as well.
Peter - you're right! Heat was originally the b-side of She's Gone. So I guess it's only new to me ;-) If this song only qualify as a b-side the album should be nothing less that spectacular.

The songs Girl Afraid and Secret Hiding Places by Danish indie band Rumskib (Danish for spaceship) have been doing terrible well in recent editions of the MP3 unsigned charts. I'm not totally convinced that these two songs are all that great (I've only listened to them once, so this could change), but if you want to judge for yourself you can download them (plus a few others as well) for free at mymusic.dk. You need to be a registered user to download the songs. It's free but unfortunately in Danish only (though it IS very easy to register!).

Coast is Clear has introduced me this late 80's/early 90's French band Mary Goes Round. If you like the album Darklands by The Jesus And Mary Chain (I do!!!) there is an outstanding chance that you will enjoy listening to this band. 21 (!) songs can be downloaded for free from this webpage dedicated to the band.

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Parklife said...

"Heat" really is a fantastic song! But as far as I know it's not completely new - it was released (?) a few months ago... or am I missing something? I hope the rest of the album will be as good as this one as well! :-)