October 21, 2005

Friday ramblings:

- Friday always seems to be the perfect time for rambling along........

- I simply don't understand the hype surrounding The Artic Monkeys. In my opinion they are nothing special. Not bad. Just not all that good!

- I'm going to see Grand Avenue in concert tomorrow night! Not too impressed with their second album, but it sure will be nice going to a concert again!

- Hate when this happens! I was out running yesterday, when the Zen started playing a song I know very well. Just couldn't remember the name of the song (or the band), so I had to stop running to check the display. The song turned out to be Neil Jung by Teenage Fanclub. Made me wonder if the line "going nowhere" from the chorus was referring to my brain activity or my running?

- Listened to Darklands by The Jesus And Mary Chain in the car this morning (inspired by my post yesterday). The perfect soundtrack for a dark and rainy morning.

- The Danish Album Chart has been updated. Kashmir enters at no. 1 selling more than 20,000 copies! The Mew album is still selling pretty well and is in 5th place! Some people in Denmark do listen to great music!

- Hopefully the new albums by Leisure Alaska and Richard Hawley have arrived at my local CD shop, so I can pick them up tomorrow (I've just received a mail and indeed they have). And the debut by Stephen Fretwell should arrive by mail today or tomorrow.

- Everyone seems to be raving about the album Set Yourself On Fire by Canadian band Stars. I've listened to the album several times and it indeed seems to be quite nice. However, when the listening session is over I cannot remember one single song, which isn't a great sign in my opinion! I guess that many people cannot be wrong, so I'll have to listen to it again - soon!

- Could someone explain to me what's so great about Boards Of Canada?

- Coast Is Clear strikes again! Check out the two great songs by My Favorite.


Chris said...

- if you don't like the Libertines, you won't like the Arctic Monkeys. I like some of the songs, but I don't know if they'll have enough variety to co-exist next to the Libs (the hype will surely help!) ;)

- Neil Jung: tststs.... shame on you! :)

- Stars: it really took me a long time to "get" the album. Now I really do like most of the songs, and yeah, I can remember them after the listening session. So go ahead and give it a few more spins! ;)

Michael said...

Love that... "Made me wonder if the line 'going no where'...was referring to my brain activity or my rinning" Not sure if you knew this... TF came out with a song Featuring De La Soul... Fallin'