October 24, 2005

This week Tjeklisten is (if possible) a bigger joke than usual! Kent is not voted onto the chart (apparently close enough to get a second chance), while Gavin DeGraw enters at no. 8!!??!!??

I voted for the following 5 songs:

1. KentDen Döda Vinkeln (OK - it's not one of the best songs by the band, but come on! Still so much better than 90% of the other songs!)
2. Carpark NorthFireworks
3. MewThe Zookeeper’s Boy
4. Bloc PartyTwo More Years (I've mentioned before that I don't like this band, but the song is surprisingly good!)
5. OutlandishLook Into My Eyes (Don't like these guys either, but again a song much better than expected)

1 comment:

Parklife said...

Hey, "Den döda vinkeln" is just brilliant! In my opinion tt's the third best song from the new Kent-CD and therefore the third best song of the year... But "Two more years" is a contender for the Top-singles of 2005 too...