October 24, 2005

My to-do-list this week:

- Moan (as usual) about Tjeklisten (and vote as well of course!)

- Write something about the brilliant Grand Avenue concert Saturday evening.
--What's On Your Mind (EP version) (mp3)
--Everyday (EP Version) (mp3)
--On Your Side (QT video)

- Update my CD-Collection and write a few comments on the 3 new albums I bought this weekend. But not untill I've actually listened to them (of course...)!

- Download, listen to and post some comments on the music of The Arrogants. Peter - not at all surprised that you like them ;-)

- Listen to all of the Coldplay albums at least 3 times as preparation for the concert on Sunday!

- Celebrate that I've listened to Take You On A Cruise by Interpol at work 100 times this year?

1 comment:

Parklife said...

I really do like The Arrogants! :-) Nice band and good music which sometimes reminds me a bit of the Primitives...