November 25, 2005

Friday musings (continued):

- Home alone with the oldest kid, who is watching Toon Disney (not anymore.... she's sleeping), so time to have a Stout (Porter) from Fur Bryghus and listen to some music.

- What would be more appropriate than open with a guilty pleasure confession? I really, really like Push The Button by Sugarbabes (Yeah - it's true!!!). I'm suspecting that I only like it because Heidi Range looks absolutely gorgeous in the video. Cannot be true that I actually like the song on its own premises - can it?

- What the heck. If it's confession time, so be it. I also like Number 1 by Goldfrapp!

- Listen to the wonderful JCB Song by Nizlopi at Myspace. Will be added to my Current Favorites in a minute! Chris - I'm almost prepared to bet you a "nisse" that you'll like this one ;-) Stream a few other songs at the band's webpage.

- Is the single If Only The Moon Were Up by Field Music any good? Watch the video and judge it yourself!

- Several bloggers seem to be very busy posting their "albums of the year" lists. A quickly look at the calendar tells me that a little more than a month is left of 2005, which should provide me plenty of time to listen to some of the year's releases I've missed so far. Won't post mine until the beginning of next year, though I must admit that I have begun thinking of what albums I should include on my list!

- Download cool tracks Wrecking Ball (Remix) and Alive With Pleasure by interesting/upcoming band Viva Voce. The remix of Wrecking Ball isn't really any good, so watch the video instead to hear the original version of the song! I've added Wrecking Ball to my Current Favorites list.

- Another new and quite interesting band with a kind of an electronic "twist" is Every Move A Picture. Stream the EP Signs Of Life from their webpage.


Chris said...

yeah, Sugababes... I have to admit that it's not a song that I have to jump to the radio immediately when it's on, and that's a compliment coming from me! ;) Talk about guilty pleasures...

Nothing wrong with Goldfrapp, by the way... they were very convincing as an opener for Coldplay!

JCB... not to sure at first, but the last 30 seconds of the song pull it out! Not an instant love affair, but there's potential (can we agree on half a nisser? :D ).

Alive With Pleasure has been on my player for quite a while... yeah, it's not too bad really. Should I listen to wrecking ball?

MunkyMan said...

After trawling the internet for a good 15 minutes, your's is the only blog i've found found which is both in English and worth reading.
Not a big Sugababes fan but, since you seem to have an otherwise very interesting taste in music, i think I can let you off. :)
Well, i'm off to continue my internet wonderings...

he who maketh not the sense said...

great site - i love your taste in music. keep it up!