November 25, 2005

Friday musings:

- I read somewhere yesterday that if you want to fully understand/enjoy the album by Antony And The Johnsons you must read the lyrics. I haven’t done that, so maybe it is a bit premature to write off the album?

- If you think the Danish album chart is a joke, just wait until Christmas. Then it will be an absolutely disaster when the parents have been buying music for their little kiddies!

- In the news yesterday they reported that young kids should exercise more (thus preventing them from getting fat). Then they showed a clip from a kindergarten where the kids were jumping/dancing around to Bigmouth Strikes Again by The Smiths. Never too early to teach the kids about great music!!

- The past few days I’ve tried to listen to the radio in the car instead of CD’s. To call this torture doesn’t fully describe the pain I’ve been going through. The music played by the radio stations is just horrible and seeking for another station doesn’t help, because they all play the same stuff!

- I've just ordered the albums Illinois by Sufjan Stevens and Heat by Colder.

- You're Living All Over Me by Dinosaur Jr. is quite "noisy". But that doesn't prevent it from actually being rather OK!

- My jazz loving boss has all of sudden fallen in love with Transparent & Glasslike by Carpark North!??! There could be a potential breakthrough brewing here and I'm thinking very hard of what other songs he might like! Got it :-) Sent him a couple of songs by The Jesus And Mary Chain (Some Candy Talking + Just Like Honey) and he claims that he likes them! He has asked if he can borrow Psychocandy and Darklands! Maybe he is not that hopeless after all!

- It's now official! According to WMP I've listened to Take You On A Cruise by Interpol 100 times! The song runs for 4 minutes and 54 seconds, which is the same as 294 seconds. So I've spent 29,400 seconds listening to the song, which is the same as 490 minutes or 8 hours and 10 minutes!

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Chris said...

good to hear that not only Swiss radio sucks... I would be lost without my MP3-Player! ;)

btw.: statistic-freak! :D