December 22, 2005

Been surfing the web.

This is what I found:

The Mugs - Daisy Cutter
A real "foot tapper".

Blind Pilot - Devil On Stilts
From Denmark. Not bad really.

Pleasant - Welcome Come In
Doesn't the lead singer sound like the guy from China Crisis?

The Cupids - Tonight
Another Danish band. They have definitely been listening to The Smiths. Great one!

Made Of Buildings - The Previews At The Movies
Once you start searching you realize that there are quite a few Danish bands out there!

Gravy - Meltdown
Self-titled debut album released this year was fairly well received in Denmark.

Brian Fennell - Secret Smiles
A little more quiet than the stuff I normally post.

And the last one of the day...

Warwick Avenue - Beautiful
Another nice one from a Danish band!

I guess there is always room for one more........ :-)

Schaeffer - Stay
Probably a little to "American" to some!

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