December 23, 2005

Two bands you simply must check out before Christmas (so you’re in a bit of a hurry!)!

I mentioned Danish band The Cupids in my post yesterday, but I believe they deserve a bit more attention than a one-liner. The band describe their music as ”Happy pop at first, but a closer listen reveals a much darker side not unlike some of the big British acts from the 80's.” and since I immediately thought of The Smiths, this description cannot be completely wrong.
The melodies are immediate and very catchy and it will only be a matter of (short) time, before these guys are signed to a record contract (if this isn’t the case already!).

The Cupids
Tonight (MP3)
Hand In Hand (MP3)
My Blurry Day (MP3)

British Band Vib Gyor is quite popular at Myspace (nearly 4,800 friends), which really isn’t surprising once you’ve listened to their music! Following in the footsteps of the likes of Jeff Buckley, Coldplay and Kashmir (some even mention Sigur Ros and Pink Floyd), their music certainly appeals to lots of people. So far they have released a couple of EP’s, but I wouldn’t be surprised if an album is released next year! Good stuff!

Vib Gyor
Band profile at Leeds Music Scene
How Long Have I Lost (MP3)
Insomnia (MP3)


he who maketh not the sense said...

hi...just wanted to say thanks for keeping up with the blog - it's great and really handy because i have very similar tastes in yeah, thanks a lot.

Marcel McKenzie said...

Hi There - do you still have myblurryday.mp3?