December 8, 2005

The content of this post has more or less (probably more than less) been stolen from German Indie-Pop-Blog Coast Is Clear.
Tuesday Peter wrote about the American band The Ballet and because of his very positive description, I quickly decided to download the 6 songs by the band which can be found at
And there is every reason to be positive. The music is wonderful and catchy Twee-pop and if you enjoy the music of The Magnetic Fields, Belle & Sebastian and of course The Hidden Cameras there really shouldn't be any reasons why you won't like The Ballet as well.
I have added the fantastic In My Head to my Current Favorites list, but I won’t (or shouldn’t) recommend just one of the songs, because each one of them is a little gem!
Two of the members of The Ballet used to be in another band called The Mean Corner, which I also suggest you spend a few minutes listening to!

The Ballet (Webpage)
The Mean Corner (Webpage)

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greg (the ballet) said...

thanks so much for the post!