December 27, 2005

Got lost on the web again.......

Danish band Causa Sui (band page) releases their self titled debut album today. The band doesn't really play my type of music, but if you still dream of Hendrix being alive, you seriously should try listening to those guys.

A long time ago I was asked to listen to the album Cicada by 13 Ghosts. I never managed to post any comments, though the album is not bad at all.
The Search Party (MP3)
Robert J (MP3)

Download surprise solo track I Killed The Zeitgeist by Nicky Wire at Torr. Not very good really!

Chris of Music Of The Moment recommends Ninotchka and UK Musicsearch ranks them as the top upcoming and unsigned band of 2005. Saint Etienne and Goldfrapp are the first bands to jump to mind, when listening to Ninotchka. Definitely worth checking out!
Ninotchka (Webpage)
The New Drug (MP3)
More MP3's can be found here.

It's snowing outside - 3 days to late :-(

Mad Staring Eyes is another band recommended by UK Musicsearch. Walking In The Streets (MP3) is a song that should appeal to everyone loving Franz Ferdinand.

Panic! At The Disco is the top signed artist at purevolume. Probably because of the catchy The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage which can be found here.

In a predictable world I would hate a band like All-American Rejects. But I don't and Dance Inside (MP3) is a great track!

Too weird not to mention. Fotomoto an Ukranian elektronic alternative pop band singing in French. Le Coquillage (MP3) is actually much better than you'd expect/fear!

And a couple of Swedish songs - First Cut Classic by Comanche (MP3) and Sunset Blvd by Gatans Barn (MP3)

The final song of today - Blue Skies (MP3) by Blackpool Lights! Again; it's probably a little too "American" to some!

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