December 28, 2005

I really should be working, because I'm rather busy. But isn't music much more important than work? Sadly music doesn't pay the bills!

I stumbled upon Danish “six piece” Mavis on my web crusade yesterday.
Like many other bands these guys sure have listened to their Jeff Buckley and Genesis albums more than once, but the band still manages to find its own and very interesting sound. The music is intense, complex and experimental, exactly as you would expect it to be, and Mavis is yet another one of the many bands out there that should have been signed to a record contract a long, long time ago!
Mavis (Webpage)
The Albatross (MP3)
Emotional Vampire (MP3)

I read somewhere that the albums Will and 7x7x7 by The Sugarplastic should be really great. As always I'm having all kinds of problems defining the music (some kind of pop/rock/indie/alternative...I don't know), but the samples found at Tallboy Records don't sound all that bad! So go give the band a listen!
The Sugarplastic (Webpage)
Here Comes Mr. Right (MP3)
The Runaround (MP3)

Close your eyes and listen to David & The Citizens and there is a good chance that you can be fooled to believe that summer has arrived 6 months before time. Cheerful indie pop.
David & The Citizens (Webpage)
Song Against Life (MP3)
Graycoated Morning (MP3)

Swedish band Slagsmålsklubben (The Fight Club) describe themselves as "6 men with analogue synths". That should give you plenty of ideas of what to expect! The music is probably more interesting than actually good. Stream or download 4 songs here.

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