December 16, 2005

I think I’ve mentioned this a few times before, but one of the real cool things about having a blog is that you every once in a while get contacted by people, who asks you to listen to their music or to the music by one of the artists they are promoting.
The other day I received a mail from the boys from, which included the link for the new single called Stay (MP3) by Fujasaki featuring Björn Kleinhenz on vocal.
I’m not all that unfamiliar with Björn Kleinhenz (neither should you be), since he is the lead singer of Memoplay. Fujasaki on the other hand is more unknown territory; though I’ve previously heard a few tracks by the band that I didn’t enjoy (boring instrumental Electronica).
And the single is, as you could expect, an electronic kind of thing, but combined with the foot tapping beat, the rather catchy melody and the (almost) fragile voice of Björn, it turns out to be a real positive experience.
Björn Kleinhenz seems to be a rather productive guy and he frequently collaborates with other artists. However my wish for Christmas will be that he and Adam Svanell put more focus on the Memoplay project, because I'd really love to hear more from those guys!
Björn Kleinhenz
Stay (MP3)

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