January 16, 2006

I've had a pretty busy day at work and it's not quite over yet! But here are a few songs that I think you should give a try:

I mentioned Colorguard by Division Day in my post Friday and if you haven't listened to this song yet, you really should do so now. It's just brilliant and it'll be added to my Current Favorites list very soon.

A new track by Electric President called Metal Finger is available at Myspace.

If you like the song by Electric President there should be a good chance that you'll like Largs Hum by Scottsmen Swimmer One.

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My_Little_Bedroom said...

I was thinking of not commenting any more blogs, but I think I have to say something about this one. I'm from Portugal and it's the first time I visit your space and I'm getting really astonhised, cause now I can recognize how huge is this universe of indie music!!
I have no words...


P.S: Please, if you check this comment, say something in my blog (better translate it previously) or send me an email...

Oh my God!