January 13, 2006

A quartet of nice ones for the weekend:

Division Day - Colorguard
A brilliant song from the forthcoming debut album Beartrap Island by LA band Division Day. Influences are multiple, but doesn't this sound a bit like Grandaddy?

The Boyfriends - Once Upon A Time
With their own words they sound like "4 men in a room. There is only one place to sit". The music is not as chaotic as this may sound, but this song rocks pretty nicely.

Like Honey - Airport
A new day and another band from Sweden pops up!

Elefant - Lolita
This is the new and very good single by Elefant.

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Parklife said...

That's scary - I just recommended Elefant in my blog - without having read your post! Good music is unstoppable... :-) And maybe we really should merge our blogs... ;-))