January 10, 2006

Pumping through the speakers today:

Something old and something new......

Kiona - In This Car (Remix) (MP3)
Danish powerpop. I'm having difficulties getting into the rest of their stuff, but I'm working on it!

Celestial - Lake Como (MP3)
This is one of my "new" Swedish favorite bands. I've mentioned the band before, but this is simply wonderful indie pop, so I'm not finished recommending it!

The Book Of Daniel - 3rd Of December (MP3)
Another Swedish band playing indie music. Lots of those bands around these days!

Phonodrive - Up And Away (MP3)
This German band is really, really great. Lots of songs can be found here.

I Am Bones - Replica (MP3)
This band seem to be mighty popular in Denmark among critics and other musicians. Not bad at all, but not really that fantastic either.

Tiger Baby - Chinese Fairytale (MP3)
I mentioned this Danish band a long time ago and if you are not already familiar with Chinese Fairytale, which is a nice danceable pop tune, you should give it a try!

The Whacked Band - Jenny's Gone (MP3)
A have quite mixed emotions towards this rather primitive recording. The melody is catchy in a Pulp kind of way, but once the singing begins the whole thing pretty much turns in to a novelty!

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