January 9, 2006

What's been playing on the jukebox today:

Palo Alto - Catalan (MP3)
Another band from Leeds/Manchester. Plays a kind of shoegazed influenced rock and though I'm not really high on the rest of their songs I must admit that I like this one a lot!

The Radio Dept. - Pulling Our Weight (MP3)
It's quite difficult finding decent information on this band, but I think this is an "oldie". Still very, very good though!

The Trembling Blue Stars - The Ghost Of An Unkissed Kiss (MP3)
Nice indie pop band which I believe has been mentioned by (more or less) every blogger in the world already!

Popgun Pillow - Wake Up (MP3)
Recommended by Coast Is Clear. The band name is terrible, but the song is very catchy!

Early Day Miners - All Harm (MP3)
I sort of like the guitar on this one. Not too impressed with the other songs I've heard by this band though!

Clockwork - I Know You (MP3)
This one reminds me a bit of the early Manic Street Preachers.


Chris said...

here's some more info on the Radio Dept.

and more sounds to download... labrador rules! ;)

Parklife said...

I really like this Palo Alto-song! Great stuff!