February 9, 2006

Bouncing back and forth:

This morning I realized that I always whistle Dom Andra by Kent when heading for the coffeemat. If you don't know the song (you really should), you can listen to it here.

I heard Best Day by Carpark North on the radio yesterday (listen) and it really should have been on my list of the 15 best songs of 2005! Another song I forgot on my list was In My Head by The Ballet (MP3)!

My ol' compadre Chris is really busy promoting UK band Morning Runner (Myspace) and rightfully so. The band will release their debut on 6 March and if the album is of the same quality as the two songs circulating (Work + Punching Walls), we are definitely in for a treat.

I've been told that Ruined By Martin (Myspace) are recording 2 new songs and the songs should be available a couple of weeks from now. Meanwhile enjoy CC delight.

My conscience is as dark as the darkest night! I've owed Andreas of Celestial (Myspace) 2 CD's for ages, but hopefully I'll be able to send them very, very soon! Check out Nothing Happens Twice.

The new album by The Radio Dept. will be called Language and the official release date is now 12 April. Really looking forward to that one! Listen to old track Why Won't You Talk About It?

I've added songs by 1234, The Chase, The Colorfield, El Video, Mavis and Budapest to my Current Favorites list.

Grassy Knoll And The Magic Bullit from Canada has one of the quirkiest band names I've ever seen. I'm slightly disappointed that I couldn't find a song by them called JFK! Stuck On You will have to do then.....

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