February 10, 2006

NYC (one-man) band The Oxygen Ponies are currently finishing the debut album (title? - not sure), which is described as "a breakup record you can dance 2"! Quite intriguing description and since 3 songs are available from the band's webpage as a promotional preview, it isn't difficult testing if it is true. Well I didn't feel like dancing at all, because the music is laid-back, acoustic and mellow and when listening I couldn't help thinking of Elliott Smith, Jeff Buckley and every now and then even Bob Dylan. This is not the music that will cheer you up and I could easily imagine myself sitting on the floor with a broken heart listening to this (so the breakup part isn't completely untrue). Hopefully that won't happen (my heart being broken that is), but that doesn't mean that I will turn my back to this truly interesting band.

The Oxygen Ponies - Myspace
The Oxygen Ponies - Devotion
The Oxygen Ponies - Brooklyn Bridge
The Oxygen Ponies - Truest Thing

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