February 28, 2006

"Hits In The Car" Compilation January - February 2006...

A few years back I created/burned music CD's almost every week, but I rarely do it anymore. Admittedly my CD writer is crap, but the music files on the computer and the official CD's I purchase can easily keep me entertained, so I don't feel like adding further to that mix. But this Sunday I thought it was time to create a CD containing (some of) the best songs I've mentioned in my blog the past two months.
19 songs made the cut, but after listening to the CD a few times, I'm not really sure if I picked the best ones. And quite a few bands had more than one song to choose from, but I decided that only one song per artist was allowed. Songs by a few bands like Celestial and Budapest would have been on the CD if the links for the songs hadn't been dead. It's always easy to complain or have second thoughts, but in the end I think the result was acceptable (or maybe even a little more than that). And I'm still amazed that it's possible to create a music CD like this for free (or for the price of an empty CD).
All of the songs were (more or less) properly introduced when I posted them, so no point in adding any further comments to the songs or explaining why I picked them.
No more nonsense. Here's the track list:
  1. The Fridaynight Club - Aeroplanes [MP3]
  2. Division Day - Colorguard [MP3]
  3. Head Like A Kite - Noisy At The Circus [MP3]
  4. Barfly - Don't You Move [MP3]
  5. EPO-555 - Harry Mämbourg [MP3]
  6. Showroom - Fighting Words [MP3]
  7. Indigo - Something New [MP3]
  8. The Monday Photo - Hide [MP3]
  9. Frances 7 - Splitting In Two [MP3]
  10. Fathom 5 - Nothing Lasts [MP3]
  11. Starring Me - Carousel [MP3]
  12. Anamia - Butterfly In Paris (Remix) [MP3]
  13. The Mighty High Times - My Love 4 You Won't Die [MP3]
  14. Second Language - In A Little While [MP3]
  15. Pale Sunday - The White Tambourine [MP3]
  16. The Ropes - Kill Her Off [MP3]
  17. Pete White - Go [MP3]
  18. El Video - A Day Off [MP3]
  19. Mavis - Point Of No Concern [MP3]

Hopefully the number of great songs will continue coming my way. If so I'm aiming at posting another "compilation" at the end of April.


Parklife said...

Surely a great compilation :-) - although I'd chosen a different Monday Photo-song... Isn't it great how many fantastic FREE music is out there, just waiting to be discovered (and downloaded)..??

molotov said...

I know that I like #2 and #3 already. Looking forward to hearing the rest. I'll be doing one of these compilations for February soon enough. Thanks.