February 28, 2006

I found US music label Souvenir Records because I was searching for information on the forthcoming album by Danes Tiger Baby. Their second album called Noise Around Me will be released in Denmark on April 24, but hopefully the band will post a few "appetizers" very soon.
Apparently Souvenir Records has only released albums by 4 different artists so far, but 3 of them definitely sound like they are worth a closer look.

Huckster - Drives Me Crazy [MP3]
Sounds a bit "cheesy" at first, but somehow this song is completely irresistible.

Kalimoto - Everything Goes [MP3]
Their music is described as a mix of "everything". Really not that complex, but still very good!

Tiger Baby - Shy [MP3]
I mentioned this one a long time ago, because it was and still is availble from the band's webpage. Catchy and dancable.

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