February 16, 2006

I know a lot of people find it difficult to take the friend thing seriously at Myspace. But I have to admit that I consider it to be a great feature and I always think it's cool when a band sends me a friend request. Friend should probably be written "friend" to be more accurate, because surely this is nothing but a marketing tool. But hey - I'm a fan of music and I'm always interested in hearing new music. And so far at least half of the requests I've received have been from bands/artists that turned out to be quite good. New York band The Ropes falls into this category, because the 3 alternative pop type of songs available from the band's webpage are definitely worth a listen or two!

The Ropes - Kill Her Off This one is really great!
The Ropes - I Stand For Nothing
The Ropes - Not Technically Alone

1 comment:

Glenn said...

any possible way that not technically alone could be re-uploaded?