February 13, 2006

Monday Music...

The Cheshire Smile - Elevator Music
Wouldn't it be great if stuff like this was actually played in elevators?

Sailboat - Children
Electric playfullness (can you say that?)!

My Darling YOU! - Prince John Silver & Gold
My Darling YOU! - Taxidriver
My Darling YOU! - I'm Sitting Here
My Darling YOU! - please don't talk to me I fall in love so easily
My Darling YOU! - Everything, allright?! (first step is the hardest)
Tongue in cheek indie pop from yet another Swedish band. I suppose the picture says it all, though I have to admit that the songs are quite catchy! Combined these 5 songs last 8 minutes and 28 seconds!

Santa Dog - Chemical
Santa Dog - Delicate
Mentioned by other bloggers before me, but definitely good enough to be mentioned again. Sounds like.....doesn't matter. Listen and decide for yourself!

The Sweethearts - Blue Skies
The Sweethearts - Rainy Skies
Two nice ones made available for free today by Dogbox Records.

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