February 12, 2006

Neon Machine...

The following description is "stolen" from the Neon Machine's webpage (It's Sunday morning and I only slept 3 hours last night, so please forgive me for being lazy):

"Copenhagen-based Neon Machine plays an enthusiastic brand of indie power pop, characterized by powerful guitars, analogue synthesizer soundscapes and a relentless rhythm section. The quartet draws its inspiration from the new romantics of the 80es, the noise rock of the 90es and the current Scandinavian indie-popscene."

Neon Machine - Myspace
Neon Machine - Webpage
Neon Machine - Heaven Is A Lot Worse This one is really great!
Neon Machine - Suzie (Where Are You)
Neon Machine - Inside/Outside Another pretty good one!

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Parklife said...

Yes, these guys are really good! I don't know who & why but I already downloaded two of their songs last summer (but had completely forgotten about them) - so thanks for the reminder. :-)