February 23, 2006

Music galore:

El Video - Bad Apple Girl
El Video - Last Chance To Advance
El Video - What I'm Not
Two weeks ago I described their music as electronic indie punk. Now I think I'll have to add noise rock as well. But theses new songs are just as energetic, irresistible and catchy as the previous ones! Watch out for these guys!

EPO-555 - Harry Mämbourg
New song from the forthcoming album and the band still sounds very unique! 3 more weeks and the album is here!

Mazarin - Another One Goes By
One of the very good tracks on the Soundvenue sampler I received yesterday!

Barfly - Breathing Our Fire
This band is constantly posting new songs. And quite good ones!

SuperJuice - What You See Is What You Get
Energetic stuff! I really like those drums.

The 4th Parallel - Wheels
Scottish electro powerpop......

Hope Chest - Killjoy + Three
"Stolen" from Coast Is Clear blog. So true. Fans of Sarah Records should really check this band out!

New (and very good) MP3 Habibi by Firefox AK can be found here.

Stones Cry Out - Exit Utopia
Last song of the day comes from Sweden. Exit Utopia echoes bands like Sigur Ros and Mew and is quiet and beautiful.

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linda minus jacqueline said...

god bless for the mazarin. maybe you stopped caring about this february post but it came to me when i need it. thanks again!