February 22, 2006


I think my first reaction when I listened to the music of Danish band Salem was something like "what on earth is this?", because it didn't really sound like anything I'd normally listen to. Then I took a further look at the band's description of the music and suddenly everything made more sense. According to that, the band writes the music with a never filmed Spaghetti Western in mind and it's the ambition of the band to be featured on the soundtrack of Tarantino movie, which I believe is a very plausible explanation for the sound the band has adopted/created. Lots of bands have ridiculous ambitions, but for once I think that a band has a (more than) fair chance of fulfilling its dream. Because not only are the songs very good (a couple of listens are required, but they really grow on you), but they also create exactly the right atmosphere and illusions in your mind! Two major Danish newspapers listed the album From The Riverbank among the 10 best Danish albums of 2005, so I guess I'll have to give these guys a closer look!

Salem - I Love The Avenue
Salem - Spiders In Salem
Salem - From A Jack To A King
Salem - The Anatomy Of Pain

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Eric Murphy said...

I don't know about the whole unmade movie soundtrack thing -- sounds a bit wanky to me -- but the music is way cool. Thanks.