February 19, 2006

The quiet, but very beautiful Truest Thing by The Oxygen Ponies has been added to my Current Favorites list.

Chris recommends Always Alone by Vib Gyor. Great one :-)

Grand - I cannot think of better word to describe the music of Danish newcomers Anamia. The band's music is a quite unique (and very catchy) mix of alternative, indie and traditional rock and once again it's pretty hard to understand that music this great can be yours for free! Do yourself a favor; switch off the TV tonight and listen to these guys instead! I've ordered a copy of their Demo EP (and so should you!) and I will post more when I've received it!

Anamia - Webpage
Anamia - Myspace
Anamia - Butterfly In Paris
Anamia - Butterfly In Paris (Remix)
Anamia - Temptation Puzzle
Anamia - Towards The Wind

Talking To The Girls is a Dutch indie rock band. Cannot say that I know that many bands from The Netherlands, but now I know at least one. And the one I know is not bad at all!
Talking To The Girls - Try Again
Talking To The Girls - Backstabber
Talking To The Girls - Dream

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