February 17, 2006

Some thoughts heading into the weekend:

  • What is so great about The Knife? Everyone seems to be totally excited about this band, but to me (a few songs aside) this is nothing but electronic noise. Not everything coming from Sweden is great you know!
  • I've never really been a fan of Belle & Sebastian and the new album doesn't really turn me into one. The songs are "nice", but as Peter and I discussed; as a band you'd probably prefer that your songs were called great or at least good!
  • I've worked my way through 2 of the 4 CD's in the Story So Far... compilation by Pete White and until now it has been a truly amazing experience. This is not your average guy with a guitar and if he is playing anywhere near you (probably somewhere in Greater London), you should take advantage of your insane luck and spend an evening listening to this guy! Listen to Go + Hold Your Hand.
  • There is still no doubt that Aeroplanes by The Fridaynight Club is the best song of 2006 so far (I've listened to it more than 80 times). But who are they? The myspace profile was created January 20 which also was the time of the last login. I'm puzzled!
  • I have 7,177 music files on my computer at work! Or 490 hours and 4 minutes worth of music. It would take me more than 61 working days listening to all of them, so maybe it's time to delete some of them?
  • Found a link in my mail this morning for a song called The Leading Guy by singer/songwriter Micah P. Hinson. Took a few listens getting into it, but this song is not bad at all!

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Parklife said...

Yeah, the ones by the Arctic Monkeys could easily be deleted! :-)))